Godaddy Review – Must Considered Review before going with GoDaddy.

How did it start? What is its business?

GoDaddy is a web hosting company, founded by Bob Parsons, in the name of Jomax Technologies, in the year 1997 and has been delivering the web hosting services, internet domain registrar services. It stands as the world’s largest domain name registrar and also web hosting provider. GoDaddy stood as the largest ICANN-accredited registrar with over more than 12 million customers, 55 million Domain names, of which is four times of its closest competitor. It has won and bagged eleven awards and starting from 2010.

godaddy hosting

GoDaddy is a company delivering primarily internet domain registrar services and then web hosting services. Domain registration is offered with various advanced domains, huge number of new domains etc., of course with web design, SEO and many other tools required to enhance the business functionalities. Its hosting services are basic web hosting, WordPress, VPS, Reseller and Dedicated hosting, with mere limited resources. GoDaddy offers low price hosting plans, and tries to upsell with the registrations.

A new payment model of pay-as-you-use for still economical models has been introduced and followed by GoDaddy.  Unlimited storage and unlimited Bandwidth are limited to very few packages and plans.  There is no surprise if you have visited its ads quite frequently on the other websites, TV and YouTube commercials for its outrageous publicizing.



Its server in and data centers…

GoDaddy is equipped with the advanced and sophisticated servers in the Data Center spread over 65,000 square feet in the United States. An optical fiber connects to    DWDM Ethernet speeding up to 20 Gigabits per second. The power is backed up by the redundant UPS power, maintained cooling with N+1 air conditioning with necessary protection employed. These servers are monitored for 24 by 7. It boasts of data backup out of the data centers.

godaddy server

It is worth sharing the fact that there were nearly 500 sites, which had to be compromised because of the breach of the password, from the servers of GoDaddy in September 2011. Many of these users were redirected to the malware infected site. GoDaddy claimed it to be phishing.

GoDaddy assures the uptime of 99.99%, which is a fairly standard deal.

Navigate through its control panel!

GoDaddy designed and employed its own control panel with plenty configuration and customization options. It becomes the part of the website of GoDaddy and so does not need login credentials. The home page gets completely filled with all the elements and would naturally take time to get acquainted with the control panel and the home page of the website.  Virtual and Dedicated customers do get a simpler control panel.

godaddy cPanel

The special 2013 extras of GoDaddy…

The Website builder package is worth discussing here, as it is aimed to support the non-technical and beginners of web hosting with built-in web templates easy to be managed with the drag and drop features. Number of pages vary according to the plans and range from 10 to 999 pages with the resources too limited.

Apart from the regular hosting services of GoDaddy, there are multiple packages that can be implemented for additional benefits of your website.

  • Business & Marketing: These packages are to improve the Business though sophisticated and huge marketing strategies of Search Engine Optimization, Email & Social Media Marketing, and Pay-Per-Click Advertising as well as by building an online store for the online selling products and services.

godaddy extra 1

  • Productivity: The entire productivity and transactions through the website could be multiplied with the productivity related packages like Web-based email, Fax through Email, Online Store and Corporate-Class Email.

godaddy productyvity

  • Website Management & Security: The mandate secure needs of your website would be fulfilled with the Website Management & Security packages like SSL Certificates, Website Protection Site Scanner, Certified Domains and Premium DNS Manager.

godaddy extra 3
Additionally, Google Adwords worth $100, Bing, Yahoo!, Fotolia and Facebook and free SSL certificate are provided as complimentary with variety packages. Range of server images is specially offered to the customers of cloud hosting. One-click installations are plenty to choose from the GodDaddy library with 4.1 million scripts and applications.

How do customers reach them and get treated?

There are various channels of the support provided by GoDaddy long as 24 by 7. They are reachable over the phone, email, product support though ticket submissions with over 7 minutes to be expected wait time. Over 3,300 support employees work 24 by 7 and 365 days a year. However, chat support is not provided.

godaddy Support

Additionally, you can be equipped with the site suggestions and forums. A special support page is the one stop reference for exploring right from your personal account details to all the products offered by GoDaddy. Staff blogs are active most of the time to interact with them for technical support and suggestions. A special suggestion box, called IdeaShare invites suggestions of features from the customers.

Supports do vary according to the plans. Virtual Private Server and Dedicated hosting plans are offered with the support only if the problems or technical issues are from their side. For Dedicated hosting plans, it offers, managed hosting to manage the entire hosting, of course at additional cost.



Does it offer money back guarantee?

GoDaddy does not offer money back guarantee and strictly declares that the cancellation or refund is not there, saying ‘all prices and fees are non-refundable’. If you are a first time user, probably you need to think twice before sign up of the agreement.

godaddy money back

GoDaddy, in a nutshell…

GoDaddy, majorly being in the domain registration business, domain registrations are offered with better features and offers, whereas the web hosting plans may take time to be competitive with other hosting companies. It probably can be the suitable for the non-techie users to build their first websites with low price, as it needs technical expertise to some extent to create a free web page from WordPress. The mixed opinions like no industry-standard control panel, no money-back guarantee, and no chat support, hard to handle website layout as well as a good deal for hosting domain management give tough task of tradeoff to the customers to think of choosing it.



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